Effective cleaning of the supply air of blowers & fans in waterworks air supply and ventilation systems for covered tanks and water storage vessels

operational area | usage

  • Waterworks
  • Drinking water treatment plants
  • Industrial firms

product description

The supply air is cleaned by an arrangement of several replaceable standard filters in a stainless steel housing connected to the blower. Filter contamination monitoring is integrated into the ventilation system by means of differential pressure measurement and also includes condensate discharge via a siphon system. This system ensures reliable ventilation of covered tanks, water storage vessels and similar equipment with constant performance.

constructional features

  • The replaceable filters, contamination monitoring and condensate discharge pipe are integrated in the air filter system
  • Integration into standard pipe systems
  • Automation solution for filter change
  • Maintenance opening in the side
  • Sizes 1 to 6


  • Compact air filter system with monitoring of dirt/contamination
  • Integrated condensate discharge
  • Adjustment to blower output (series)
  • Streamlined design
  • Easy maintenance

contact person

Holger Wünsch
Product manager

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