You will find chosen credentials of the wks group below.

Wastewater treatment plant Bergen

Sewage sludge treatment plant

Industrial wastewater treatment plant (IAR) Hünfeld – Hochwald Foods GmbH

New construction

Hill/retrofitting Elbe dikes in Stetzsch and Gohlis and construction of the second line of dykes in Cossebaude

Waterworks Weyer

Conversion/new construction

Neubau Institut für Wasserbau, TU Dresden

Infrastructure of the building for using the plant for hydraulic engineering experiments

Hemmingstedt sewage treatment plant

Conversion and expansion during ongoing operation

Grünhain sewage treatment plant

Sewage technology development of the sewage treatment plant in Grünhain-Beierfeld

Spitzmühle water works

New construction

Thermalbad Wiesenbad sewage treatment plant

Reconstruction and expansion, sludge treatment

Nedlitz water works

Renovation of the filter hall, 1st BA

Schönefeld pressure booster station

Renovation of clean water container

Luckenwalde sewage treatment plant

Optimisation of sludge dewatering

Eforie/Romania sewage treatment plant

Fitting of the SBR sewage treatment plant

Schwarze Pumpe rainwater treatment plant

Renovation of the rainwater sewage treatment plant

Canitz water works

Construction of a clean water pump station and DEST

Schwarze Pumpe ABA II sewage treatment plant

Expansion (industrial and business park)

Schwarze Pumpe, ABA II

Schmölln sewage treatment plant

Reconstruction and optimisation

Thalheim sewage treatment plant

Equipment for SBR plant for treating municipal and galvanic wastewater

Rainwater treatment at the Frankfurt/Main airport

New construction of a rainwater basin

Oederan sewage treatment plant

Change: Visualisation and automation technology

Zahna sewage treatment plant

New construction (beverage industry)

Lodenau company sewage treatment plant

Expansion (pulp industry)

Dresden-Johannstadt flood pump station

New construction

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